The following info will help you through our 10×10 trade show booth set up. PLEASE WATCH ALL VIDEOS. If you need further help, please call me at the office. – Damien

Flooring (Estimated setup, 15 minutes for first timers, 20 for tear down)

Crate Assembly (Estimated time, 20 minutes for first timers)

Important things to note:
1. You will need a flathead screwdriver to open the crate
2. When assembling the crate, be sure to line up the mitered corner to the edge of the base as shown below.

Background Fabric Wall Set Up (Estimated time, 10 min for first timers)

Important things to note:
1. Save everything
2. Table cloths are included in this package
3. No tools required for this fixture
4. No need to use the zipper feature on the bottom edge
5. Use the stickers on ends of the tubes to match during the build

Narrow Table Build (Estimated time, 10 minutes for first timers)

Stanchion Sign Build (Estimated time, 5 minutes for first timers)

Filling the Crate (Estimated time, 30 minutes for first timers)

Q: Where to hide the crate and carpet tube?

A: Behind the background graphics. Use the ratchet strap to secure and stand on edge. It has wide enough footprint to be stable. See aerial view for referencing below: