Behind the Stitch Ep.3 – The Ultimate CDCR Uniform Program

Today we talk about the California Department of Corrections and the new uniform changes for 2018. We dive into the pros and cons of their current options and how United Uniform Manufacturers is answering the market demand by creating some great solutions! Featuring special guest, Rob Mahon. Enjoy!

CDCR Newsletter Issue 1

With all the recent changes to California's Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation uniform standards, it's become a mystery for a lot of end users as to what's approved and what's new. Here is a comprehensive guide put together by Amwear USA's very own, Rob Mahon. Enjoy this great content piece and stay tuned for Issue [...]

Behind the Stitch Ep.2 – 2018-19 Trade Show Agenda

We introduce our newest Regional Sales Manager, Bill Burgess, and discuss our 2018-19 trade show agenda for here in the States and overseas. We also talk about our show strategies and ways we separate ourselves from the competition.

Behind the Stitch Podcast Episode 1 – The Polyester Game

We are pleased to announce the creation of Behind the Stitch. A new and informative podcast hosted by our Marketing Director, Damien Gomez, that takes you behind the scenes into the uniform manufacturing arena. Please download the podcast, available on almost every platform, and join the conversation. Every episode is unique and features special guests [...]


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